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Building Awesome Web Applications with Drupal + Backbone.js

A new breed of JavaScript libraries has opened up new worlds of possibility for web developers, and this session will show you how you can use Drupal with Backbone.js to build powerful, application-...

Advanced Coding and Development

OH NODE(.js)!

Node.js is the fad that's sweeping the nation! All the cool kids are doing it, but should you? This session will provide an introduction not only to node.js and Drupal but also to interesting...

tizzo, beejeebus
Advanced Coding and Development

Integrating Drupal Commerce at the Right Scope

Drupal Commerce was built with flexibility in mind and leverages existing rock-solid API's in order to have strong integration with the rest of the Drupal ecosystem. This integration allows for...

Advanced Coding and Development

Information Modeling with Drupal 7

In this session, we will refresh your knowledge of the core entities in Drupal 7 (user, node, comment, taxonomy term, taxonomy vocabulary, file), and provide examples of API calls to define and query...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Migrating to Drupal

Migrating an existing website into Drupal can be a painful experience. This session will cover useful strategies to manage and automate your Drupal migration. Topics covered: Identify what type...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Building Distributions: The Why, How and WTF

This session provides an overview of Drupal distributions from a technical and community organizing standpoint. We’ll start with a look at the Drupal distribution landscape and discuss why you...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Always think of Reuse or Why small modules rock!

Why even with small parts of functionality contributing back to the community can have a butterfly effect. Many of the most used modules in Drupal are very large pieces of functionality like views...

e2thex, tekante
Beginner Coding and Development

UX for the backoffice: the relation_ui module

You can make the relation module accessible to the end user? We think so. From the mock-up to a simple and flexible user interface at the same time. We focused on the process of creating a user...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Module Development - Get the Drupal started

Pieterjd started last year with module development. The steep learning curve, new concepts and extensive documentations were considered as obstacles when trying to get some code working. Based on...

Beginner Coding and Development

Building Mobile Applications with Drupal

Want to create mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, or Android with your Drupal content? I’ll also talk about different strategies for connecting your iPhone or Android app to Drupal, and what...

Intermediate Coding and Development

You already know how to develop a native mobile app

You're Drupal developer and you've already invested a lot of time building your skills in HTML, CSS and Javascript. You'd like to be one of the cool kids with an app in the Apple App Store or Android...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Drupal 7 as an enterprise web application framework

This talk has a couple of goals. Partly, I want to address the perception that developers and other people have that Drupal is just a 'CMS'. For me now especially with Drupal 7, it is an...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Towards a better Drupal automated configuration management

Drupal is a fast, open source and highly customizable CMS used by nearly 800000 websites in 320 countries. It has this important feature that every user can easily create and customize a website in a...

gsaval, ahubaux
Intermediate Coding and Development

Using a migration framework to migrate data

When you are migrating data, whether it is from another Drupal site or some other source, you generally need to solve two types of tasks: 1. Tasks related to changing, processing, and converting the...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Using Feeds for advanced data migration

When it comes to data migration and synchronization, odd demands are the norm these days. You might need to deal with custom SQL databases, XMLs, CSVs, XLSs, and many other sorts of data format....

Advanced Coding and Development

Render objects and the holy grail of autosanitizing

Most security issues come from not correctly sanitized strings. And to be honest: Do you always instantly know which render array items have to be prepared how? Me not. Did you ever have the pain of...

Intermediate Coding and Development

How to Make a good APP, and when not to.

Apps are a new concept that have been floating around Drupal for the the last year or two. And while they are just modules, often the question is why should I make an app instead of just using a...

e2thex, jec006
Intermediate Coding and Development

Drupal to Drupal migration - the whys and hows

More and more people are choosing to move from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 via a data migration approach rather than a straight upgrade. One reason is that the standard upgrade path has proven to be more...

Intermediate Coding and Development


Drupal's regular menu system administration doesn't scale very well. This is due to the fact that for all node edit pages, node type edit pages and vocabulary edit pages (when Taxonomy Menu is active...

Beginner Coding and Development

Architecting Drupal Modules - An agile guide to choosing the right architecture for your module

The aim of this session is to introduce a framework and methodology to guide module developers through the plethora of choices of APIs (both core and contrib) and architecture approaches that they...

Beginner Coding and Development

Automating Drupal Development: Features, Makefiles and Beyond

Features are a well-known and very useful tool to streamline Drupal development and write reusable components. However, if you get serious about automating as much as possible in your Drupal...

pescetti, antoniodemarco
Advanced Coding and Development

How to build (adaptive/responsive) online communities with Drupal 7

Developing a successful online community using Drupal depends on some key ingredients, from knowing your audience to monitoring its sustainability and growth. BrightLemon will be sharing this well...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Performance 101

Maybe your site's getting a million hits a day. Or maybe just 10. You still want a faster site, right? This session covers the tools and techniques I use on everything from my blog site which...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Offloading Drupal's work to the browser

As we have been working with a lot of high performance Drupal sites, we've gotten used to trying to make sure our Drupal doesn't do anything extra. Especially offloading the workload to the browser (...

kvirta, Janne Salo
Intermediate Coding and Development

Introduction to Module Development

This session provides a fun introduction for people who want to get started writing their first module or extending an existing one. The presentation is both conceptual and hands-on, and covers...

Beginner Coding and Development

How NodeStream moved from the Online publishing distribution to the platform distribution

NodeOne has built our own distribution NodeStream. In the beginning NodeStream was meant to be a distribution aimed for online publishing with "killer features" for Editors. NodeStream still have...

tomper00, fabsor
Intermediate Coding and Development

Drupalize Your Data: Use Entities!

Drupal 7 introduces entities, the foundational concept behind nodes, comments, users, terms, vocabularies and files. This session will introduce Drupal's entity API and depict how it can be leveraged...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Integrating with Drupal or don't let third party APIs kill your site!

When working with Drupal to build data rich applications for your clients we often find we need to integrate other systems into Drupal. Some of these systems come with a ready made Drupal module,...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Making the move from TYPO3 to Drupal

TYPO3 is “big” in Europe, specifically in Germany. Yet, even here the Drupal community is growing rapidly. With this growth increasingly clients are choosing Drupal. And there are several who wish to...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Media Assets Management in Drupal

Media, IMCE, SCLAD there are tons of ways managing medias in Drupal. And you know what ? None of them are perfect. During our session we'll present different ways managing media assets and...

Maxime Topolov
Intermediate Coding and Development

Extreme SEO with Drupal

Hn, Titles, Clean URLs, Sitemap and Meta Descriptions.... well that's usually all you implement on a Drupal site to make it SEO friendly. That's not enough. With a concrete example of a big (1.000...

Maxime Topolov
Advanced Coding and Development

Overview of a High-Performance Drupal Architecture

This talk will describe a linux-based open source architecture designed to serve up a Drupal application in a high-performance way. It will cover reverse proxy caches (Varnish), Apache vs. nginx, the...

Advanced Coding and Development

Drupal as an API: We want it all.

Drupal has already been shown to be a powerful CMS that is expandable in many ways, but can you use it solely as a backend API to power your web frameworks or iPhone/Android applications? Of course!...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Collaborative dev-stage-prod workflow using Aegir and dCycle: introduction

As you use a dev-stage-prod workflow to develop and deploy your sites, you'll realize that the devil is often in the details. Some pitfalls to avoid and techniques to increase the quality of your...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Test-driven deployment using Features, Simpletest and Aegir

Using simpletest is a great way to ensure the quality of your code. Test-driven development goes a step further and has you write tests before writing your module code. We'll demonstrate how Test-...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Building a Time Machine for Drupal

For the Content Staging Initiative within Large Scale Drupal, we built a way to preview the content of a site as it would look in different points in time. In this session I will review the...

Advanced Coding and Development

Building Custom Block Entities With Beans

The bean module allows the creation of fieldable block entities. Similar to node types, different block entity types can be created with different fields and configurations. This allows your editors...

Advanced Coding and Development

Introducing the Drupal 8 configuration management system

In Drupal 8 we have introduced a new configuration management system. This system uses data serialized to a machine-readable format, which can be exported to files and transferred between servers for...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Top Ten Reasons to use EntityFieldQuery (EFQ)

Drupal 7 introduced a great class, EntityFieldQuery (EFQ), to easily grab information from entities that was not available in Drupal 6. This session will explore why you should be already using...

fmitchell, timcosgrove
Intermediate Coding and Development

Use SOLR power in drupal

You can connect drupal with an apche solr server to index content and use advanced search features (faceted search, "more like this"-block,...). But for a recent project I needed to go that extra...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Building a New Database Driver in Drupal 7

As a newcomer to the drupal world working for a startup developing a new database platform, I took on the task of building a database driver for the new database we are developing. In this session, I...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Workflows, simplified, with State Machine

Workflows should be simple. Implementing workflows should be even simpler. This session explores State Machine, a contrib module that not only provides a simple workflow for nodes, but puts...

fmitchell, indytechcook
Advanced Coding and Development

Playing nice with others: module development best practices

As of this writing there are 15,851 modules listed on with new ones being added every day. It’s getting crowded in contrib and if you want to make friends you’re going to need to do a...

Intermediate Coding and Development

This Module Doesn't Work Right (And What You Can Do About It)

The great appeal of using Drupal for a project is the incredible wealth of contributed modules available on For just about any functionality you might need, someone else has needed it...

Beginner Coding and Development

Drupal - Guaranteed Failure

As you know, Drupal can't scale, can't handle any site with any significant traffic. Of course, some people will tell you that you can just use Varnish etc but that of course does not handle...

Advanced Coding and Development

Three paths to enlightenment

PHP is renowned for having a myriad of frameworks available. Ruby has Rails, Python has Django, PHP has... hundreds. Some are more "pure framework" in orientation, others are application-ish, some...

Crell, robertlemke, lsmith77, amye
Beginner Coding and Development

A Look at FLOW3 from a Drupalist's Perspective

The decision of the Drupal community to integrate Symfony components into Drupal 8 is quite powerful: It introduces important programming techniques, modernizes the request / respond mechanism and in...

Beginner Coding and Development

Message module for Multilingual activity streams and digest emails

The session will cover possible usage of the Message module for creating an elegant activity stream that will be displayed using the Views module, and for handling general email notifications (such...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Drupal as IPTV Platform - Drupalize.Me Case Study on Delivering Videos to iOS/Android/Roku/AppleTV Platforms

This session will focus on how Drupalize.Me built a video delivery system for its iPhone, iPad, Android and TV apps. We will discuss how Drupal, with the help of some contrib modules, can be used to...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Spatially Drupal

Drupal has a long history of spatially related modules, but we have never fully actualized what some might call GeoDrupal (spatially aware Drupal). Still, there are lots of great efforts in this "...

zzolo, Brandonian
Intermediate Coding and Development

Getting started with Drupal and MongoDB

MongoDB is the most full featured scalable database taking the tech world by storm. Drupal is the standard in content management powering magazines, blogs online newspapers and much more. It’s...

Beginner Coding and Development

Build a Multi-Platform Mobile Application Powered by Drupal

This session will show how to build a multi-platform mobile application that is powered by Drupal. The mobile application can be installed onto iOS and Android devices. Some of the topics and...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Drupal & Dungeons & Dragons: Solving Real-World Data Management Problems

A magical quest through complex record keeping that takes our adventurers from the mighty cities of Features packages through the deep delves of compound fields, facing off against hordes of PDF...

Intermediate Coding and Development

The Power of Panels

Unleash the power of panels. Building sites with reusable content elements and give more power to site editors.

Advanced Coding and Development

Mastering Drupal cache

Drupal has a built in Cache API, which allows module developers to save output of the expensive parts of code to be re-used in future. This not only makes code faster and more responsive, but will...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Panels for Themers - Creating Highly Flexible Layouts

With the power of Panels, you never have to make a .tpl file ever again! Okay, that's not true at all, but what Panels does give you is the ability you to create Drupal aware layouts that can be...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Intermediate Theming

So you know how to add a theme from Maybe you even know how to create a sub-theme from one of the popular base themes. But what about taking Drupal theming to the next level? Enter...

Intermediate Coding and Development

How to build a "Google Shopping" clone with Drupal 7

Purpose of this talk? To show that Drupal 7 can do mega-scale search with custom entities. (I will talk about the architecture behind, not necessarily about my startup, but...

Advanced Coding and Development

Write and review better code: Be the Human Coder and other debugging tricks from the edge

I wrote the coder module with only a years experience in Drupal. Fast forward five years. After working on two high profile high availability high traffic sites as the Release Manager, with many...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Collaborative development environnement workflow with Drupal

My session proposal will be about Drupal's Development workflow with Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, Aegir and Chiliproject. I will make a presentation of those tools, how to link them and a demonstration on...

mongolito404, Pol
Intermediate Coding and Development