Birds of a Feather

"Birds of a Feather" (BoF) sessions are openly scheduled, topical discussion-based sessions at DrupalCon. Unlike the regular sessions (including Core Conversations and sessions on the Day Stage), BoFs are open to be submitted and scheduled by any DrupalCon attendee. Learn more about BoFs.

BoFs allow ad-hoc groups to meet and discuss issues that may have a more narrow interest than regular conference sessions, or get together as a group of like-minded individuals to talk about common problems.

BoF Guidelines

  • Rooms are sometimes shared, you may not have the room to yourself
  • Respect others and don't flood the BoFs with too many of the same topics
  • More general is better than too specific
  • If it's related to another session, be sure to notify the session speaker to plug the BoF at the end of the session (if the BoF comes later)
  • Don't abuse the system


BoFs may be scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday during regular sessions and lunch.

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