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Drupal Strategies for Nonprofits

Click to watch "Drupal Strategies for Nonprofits" Nonprofit adoption of Drupal is now standard. But too many nonprofit organizations are reinventing the wheel in Drupal. We’ll talk about some...

sreynen, Lydia2pin
Beginner Business and Strategy

LSD: Getting the Most Out of Your Investment in Drupal

No software solution (proprietary or commercial) will ever meet 100% of the current, let alone future, needs of it's largest users; in addition to customizing the look and feel to reflect their...

Beginner Business and Strategy

The Science of Guessing - Drupal estimation techniques from project managers

Click to watch "The Science of Guessing - Drupal estimation techniques from project managers" What usually happens before you get started planning, designing, writing and coding is estimation....

svettes, solipsist, acke
Beginner Business and Strategy

Building a great Drupal team in the face of talent starvation; what would Maslow do?

Click to watch "Building a great Drupal team in the face of talent starvation, what would Maslow do?" You're building a Drupal team, but you're struggling to find talent. What are your options...

kay_v, jesse.d
Beginner Business and Strategy

Environment America: Running 60 affiliates on Drupal

Click to watch "Environment America. Running 60 affiliates on Drupal" This case study will discuss the business needs of EnvironmentAmerica.org, a nationwide advocacy organization with presence...

Beginner Business and Strategy

Migrating to Drupal: Who? What? Why? and How?

Click to watch "Migrating to Drupal. Who? What? Why? and How?" Two industry veterans, one a project manager and one a development manager, will show you through how to plan your successful move...

agentrickard, Nicole Lind
Beginner Business and Strategy

Agile Gymnastics and Timebox Tumbling - A Hybrid Approach

Click to watch "Agile Gymnastics and Timebox Tumbling - A Hybrid Approach" Learn from the experiences of Examiner.com's team. We've done it all - cowboy, waterfall, extreme, and agile scrum....

Beginner Business and Strategy

Preserving History for Future Generations: The King Center

Click to watch "Preserving History for Future Generations. The King Center" There are few figures who have had as great an impact on the history of the last century as civil rights leader and...

Beginner Business and Strategy

There Might (Not) Be A Module For That

Click to watch "There Might (Not) Be A Module For That" One of the first steps in a new Drupal project is to walk through the wireframes and functional requirements of the new site to try to...

Beginner Business and Strategy

Selling Drupal & Web Experience Management to Large Enterprises: Choose Your Battles and Choose them Wisely

Click to watch "Selling Drupal...

Beginner Business and Strategy

Redefining : The Mind Shift at Microsoft on OSS and Community

Click to watch "Redefining. The Mind Shift at Microsoft on OSS and Community" This session is a case study of open source's disruptive nature and how it changed business models of large...

Beginner Business and Strategy

Aegir-based Business Models

Aegir is the only fully free and open source distributed provisioning system for Drupal. It allows you to manage anywhere from a few sites for a single organization, to thousands of sites across as...

ergonlogic, alberto56
Intermediate Business and Strategy

Negotiating Open Source

Click to watch "Negotiating Open Source" As the market for Drupal goes beyond open source enthusiasts, it’s increasingly being adopted by companies and organizations unfamiliar or even...

Beginner Business and Strategy

Selling to the Enterprise

Click to watch "Selling to the Enterprise" Large companies have large sales proceses, and selling to these organizations is not a trivial matter. This session introduces you to all of the...

robertDouglass, jim.shaw
Advanced Business and Strategy