The Science of Guessing - Drupal estimation techniques from project managers

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What usually happens before you get started planning, designing, writing and coding is estimation. Your customer wants to know what the party will cost them. It’s a tricky question to answer. This panel offers you the opportunity to ask some experts your questions and see how they address issues.

The Problem:
- Drupal estimation is risky business for a lot of reasons. Two of the biggest issues are understanding what the client really wants, or can do away with, and knowing what techniques will get you the most accurate estimate.

Why this panel is good:
- Because experts who have been down difficult estimation roads will share their knowledge and help you to interpret the client’s needs.

What you will take away from this session:
- Ways to identify issues around estimation, and solutions to solve them.

Session Outline

1/ Quick intro + Why you are here

2/ What are estimates?
- What should be in them?
- What advice can we share from our experiences estimating?

3/ Why we need estimates
- How do they help us plan, budget and communicate?
- What’s the difference between cost and value in estimating?
- How can I use estimations to levelset expectations and garner client trust?

4/ What affects your estimates? => RISK!
- Why should I care about Risk so early on?
- What should I know about my specifications, team, client?
- How do I identify and assess risks?
- How do I manage/communicate about risks?

5/ How do you make an estimate
- What techniques are out there?
- How do they work?
- When should I use what?
- How can I maintain my estimate?
- Estimation Exercise with Audience Members!

Follow-Up BoF

Scheduled: THURS 11:45 - 1PM in ATHEN!
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Business and Strategy
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Time slot: 
Wednesday 15:45-16:45
(Sheraton Hotel) Cuvillies


Are you going to upload the slides, and maybe some sample worksheets?

Thanks for the slides and this outstanding session!

Will be provided at our BoF tomorrow in Athen at 11.45.

I wrote a recap including resources and posted it on d.o in the Project Management group here: