Environment America: Running 60 affiliates on Drupal

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This case study will discuss the business needs of EnvironmentAmerica.org, a nationwide advocacy organization with presence in 29 U.S. states.

The national site and its regional partners needed to share content, centralize production, and keep brand control. At the same time, individual state organizations need the freedom to promote issues of concern to local residents.

Using a combination of Drupal's core multisite feature and the Domain Access module, Palantir.net and the team at Public Interest GRFX were able to build a solution that:

  • Integrated content management for a network of 60 web sites.
  • Established a consistent brand identity.
  • Empowered local editors.
  • Provided consistency for central support staff.
  • Saved tens of thousands of dollars in hosting feeds.

We will explore the business case for the project and the technical solutions that made it possible. We will introduce key concepts related to Drupal, Domain Access and Features.

Business and Strategy
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Tuesday 14:15-15:15