Building a great Drupal team in the face of talent starvation; what would Maslow do?

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You're building a Drupal team, but you're struggling to find talent. What are your options?

The truth is, talented people are out there looking for work. What's more, these job seekers' skills/backgrounds closely match those of many wildly successful Drupalists. Naturally you ask: if these desirable candidates are out there, why aren't they responding to the offers you've posted? You've detailed the lavish compensation, fascinating projects and workplace ping pong ladders!

The hiring profiles actually required on Drupal projects may surprise employers. An enterprising talent scout can be forgiven for believing a candidate's curriculum vitae has to reflect the technology on which Drupal is built. Sounds logical enough that basic Drupal skills would include PHP, right? And doesn't it follow that the more PHP and MySql experience each team member has, the more productive the team will be?

The short answer is: not in most cases. This session will explore very typical Drupal case studies from around the community where this measure has mislead the effort to build effective teams. It will also touch on indicators of what skills a given project requires. We'll do so with an eye to how hiring managers can

  • match hiring profiles to actual needs
  • define a hiring strategy for meeting immediate needs, and
  • lay out a plan for mitigating the risks of ongoing hiring challenges.

And we'll look at this question of what Maslow would do if the internet suddenly sprang to life in his day, including:

  • why he would choose Drupal for his company
  • how he would plan for labor needs
  • how he would react if his community were suffering from a starvation of any sort.

Who is this session for? Anyone involved in team-building questions like hiring and training, including

  • Drupal architects who need to convey hiring criteria to management
  • Management who need to hire Drupal talent now and in the future
  • Team leads needing to grow their team's skills

Purists who would like to heckle the presenters about their depiction of Maslow, their depiction of the needs of Drupal teams, or their depiction of enterprising talent scouts also welcome!

Business and Strategy
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Tuesday 17:00-18:00


Please feel free to download the final slide deck, and to reach out with your observations and requests. As we discussed in the session, a lot of development continues to go into best practices around hiring and training Drupal talent. We'd love to deepen the conversation with your input!