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New Developments In MySQL

Click to watch "New Developments In MySQL" Recently, focus in the Drupal Community has been on replacements and/or additions to MySQL, such as Redis, MongoDB and Cassandra. While focus has been...

Advanced DevOps

Deploy with Capistrano

Click to watch "Deploy with Capistrano" Prepare to be dazzled with how easily you save yourself time, money and unicorns by using a deployment tool like Capistrano. No longer shall you battle...

Intermediate DevOps

Real Data: Why your intuition isn't trustworthy

Click to watch "Real Data. Why your intuition isn't trustworthy" On typical site performance audits, I'm usually given a summary of the problems from the developers of the site. About 80% of the...

Advanced DevOps

4x High Performance for Drupal - Step by Step

Click to watch "4x High Performance for Drupal - Step by Step" Drupal Performance can be divided broadly into 4 Categories: * Server * Client * Modules * Database This session will show...

Beginner DevOps

The Drush Ecosystem

Click to watch "The Drush Ecosystem" Learn about all the cool projects which ship with Drush commands, or build upon core Drush. For example: Devel Generate quickly populates a site with...

moshe weitzman, msonnabaum, jhedstrom
Intermediate DevOps

Use datacenter tools to make your dev life easier

Click to watch "Use datacenter tools to make your dev life easier" Maintaining a big IT infrastructure can only be done efficiently with automation tools. For our DrupalCONCEPT hosting, we run a...

Intermediate DevOps

Simple devops workflows with Kanban

Click to watch "Simple devops workflows with Kanban" Efficient teamwork in Drupal projects can be a challenge even with modern tools like Git, Redmine and so on. We also need the right processes to...

Beginner DevOps

Multi Region failover scenarios in the Cloud

Click to watch "Multilingual Content in Drupal 7...

Intermediate DevOps

Bootstrapping Solr search clusters and maintaining them

Click to watch "Bootstrapping Solr search clusters and maintaining them" At Acquia we have the Acquia Search service. This service allows people to connect with Apache Solr (A search application...

Nick_vh, pwolanin
Advanced DevOps

Turning every log entry into gold: centralized logging with Drupal

Logs are an essential part of debugging operational issues, improving user experience, and securing our Drupal sites, yet they are often overlooked. In this session I will review a number of tools...

Beginner DevOps

Fearless development with Drush, Vagrant and Aegir

You've probably heard of Vagrant by now. It's the command-line tool that allows you to "create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments." So why is developing...

Intermediate DevOps

What's this devops thing anyhow?

Click to watch "What's this devops thing anyhow?" "We've come a long way since introducing new ideas in server automation and deployment, and also in creating a culture of collaboration between...

Beginner DevOps

Achieving Continuous Integration with Drupal

Click to watch "Achieving Continuous Integration with Drupal" Continuous Integration (CI) is a method of software development focused on small pieces of work, integrated frequently, tested...

Intermediate DevOps