Achieving Continuous Integration with Drupal

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Continuous Integration (CI) is a method of software development focused on
small pieces of work, integrated frequently, tested automatically, and
deployed regularly. Simple in concept, it requires a fair amount of effort
and infrastructure to set up and use. This session will describe how your
Drupal development team can achieve Continuous Integration, including:

* Using from a source code repository
* Automating the testing of every commit
* Testing in a clone of the production environment
* Making the current and prior versions easily accessible
* Providing visibility into all parts of the process
* Automating deployment of your site
* Measuring the results of changes you make for rapid iteration and

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Wednesday 15:45-16:45
Ballsaal A/B


I was there in Munich but did not get a chance to attend this session. I went through your session video and it is really good. Well presented.