Multi Region failover scenarios in the Cloud

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Drupal is great. The Cloud is great.
Do you think just because you are in the cloud you are safe?

The general steps towards a continuous site's growth should be taken with the right architecture. In many cases the fact that we need a site that can stand a region failure, can lead us to difficult problems to solve.
In this session we will see some examples of Mysql replication over AWS regions and also file replication over large distances.

Critical businesses need to consider multi-region failover mechanisms. A data center outage could mean the ruin of perfect time to market sites. Every time you think your big business resides in a single geographic location, you should think also in protecting it from region failure. Do you have a fresh backup? Your cloud provider doesn't have native redundancy? Learn how you can achieve this with OpenSource and dedicated services.

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Tuesday 14:15-15:15


Hello Ricardo,
Thanks for this conf, where are the slide since you said, we could get it here.

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Presentation is online.