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Dominate The Theme Layer

Click to watch "Dominate The Theme Layer" Looking for nitty-gritty code? I created a toolbox with 500+ lines of documented code, that goes with the session.Tools are available at Github.com:...

Intermediate Frontend

Designing and Implementing Beautiful, Flexible Interfaces

Click to watch "Designing and Implementing Beautiful, Flexible Interfaces" Design is hard. Implementing a design can be even harder. But fear not! With a good handle on how to use Photoshop and a...

Intermediate Frontend

Death, Taxes & 'Viewport Chrome': How to Design for Uncertainty

Click to watch "Death, Taxes and 'Viewport Chrome' How to Design for Uncertainty" Some things in life are certain: death, taxes, and – if you’re a web professional – the inability to know the...

Intermediate Frontend

High performance theming

Click to watch "High performance theming" As rich HTML5 apps become the norm and mobile context becomes dominant over desktop, the importance of frontend performance is exploding. We’ve all...

Intermediate Frontend

The Design of Everyday Things

Click to watch "The Design of Everyday Things" Things often don't work in accordance with users' expectations. There is often a mismatch between how we make things for people and how people...

Imre Gmelig Meijling
Beginner Frontend

A designer-friendly theme system in Drupal 8?

Click to watch "A designer-friendly theme system in Drupal 8?" This session has been moved to Tuesday, August 21 from 17:00-18:00 in the (Sheraton) Asam room. In Drupal 6, printing variables...

effulgentsia, JohnAlbin, jenlampton
Beginner Frontend

UX Under Fire - On Communicating the Value of UX

Click to watch "UX Under Fire - On Communicating the Value of UX" As a UX professional you've probably found yourself forced to argue for the importance of UX in a project. You've probably heard...

Beginner Frontend

Bonuses for your mobile Drupal website

Click to watch "Bonuses for your mobile Drupal website" Do you often think about making your mobile Drupal website friendly for smartphones? Or has you already started to build a Drupal mobile...

dealancer, Fabianx
Beginner Frontend

The strategy behind designing for a CMS

Click to watch "The strategy behind designing for a CMS" I used to say: "There isn't a hard-to-theme design, only a lazy or bad themer". But after over 6 years working as designer, themer and now...

Intermediate Frontend

Evaluating Base Themes

Click to watch "Evaluating Base Themes" One of these themes is not like the other: Mothership, Zen, Omega, Bartik, Fusion. Since writing my first book, Front End Drupal, Drupal base themes have...

Intermediate Frontend

Creating Wonder: Redesigning CERN

Click to watch "Creating Wonder. Redesigning CERN" CERN. The birthplace of the web; the home of the Large Hadron Collider; and home to thousands of high-energy physicists, IT professionals and...

Intermediate Frontend

Theme <3 Drupal

- A love letter from a warrior a long way from home My dearest Drupal, I write to you now from the frontline of our existence. The battle has been long and hard - many of my comrades have been...

Intermediate Frontend

Responsive Design with Sass+Compass

Click to watch "Responsive Design with Sass+Compass" Mobile matters. There are more than 4x the number mobile devices activated each day than there babies born and the question of how to...

Intermediate Frontend