Theme <3 Drupal

- A love letter from a warrior a long way from home

My dearest Drupal,

I write to you now from the frontline of our existence. The battle has been long and hard - many of my comrades have been wounded, scarred for life and some have been lost in the void of arrays. Everyday we progress slowly, but we are striving forward, fighting for what we know in our hearts is just and right. My love, you can rest well and be sure that none of us will ever bow down; not because of the machine powered browsers nor platforms made by evil; not because of man-made code that attempts to worsen our existence nor because of the colours and forms that have been given to us by our superiors.

Tonight we are moving to rendezvous “Eight”, we’ve got orders to keep an eye on all targets, no matter what size or form - it’s not an easy job - guess thats why they called me and my comrades to be in the Front - So you all can stay safe in the back. This is a job we’re doing with great Honor & pride.

There isn't a day when I'm not looking forward to again be lost in the infinity of your eyes.
I will return with Roses in my hand

Your true love

The theme is where the code & Design make hot steamy love, well at least in Self proclaimed theming rockstar mortendk's mind. In this Session he will lay down the Law in how to get your themers, designers & Developers to collaborate & at the same time conquer mountains of HTML5, Browsers & viewpoints & whatever else the real world wanna throw at our Drupal themes.

Experience level: 
Time slot: 
Wednesday 10:45-11:45


…a HUGE pile of… FUN! Can't wait to see how this theming stuff could be fun for a coder like me.

It was an awesome call to arms, themers let's rock the D8 theme battlefield. And while we're at it, let's not be mindless bastards, let's be pirates, k?

Will the slides and the video recording be uploaded for this session?