High performance theming

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As rich HTML5 apps become the norm and mobile context becomes dominant over desktop, the importance of frontend performance is exploding.

We’ve all heard the standard list of changes you’re supposed to make in order to achieve better frontend performance: leaner markup, minify and move scripts to the bottom, combine images into sprites, TESTING etc. But how can you automate some of these tasks and avoid repeating hand-crafted optimizations for each site you build?

This session will walk through the process of automating performance tasks when possible, so that you can spend less time optimizing and more time creating. Some will be as simple as a module installation, and others will require more effort to set up. Not just limited to Drupal, we will be exploring tools used by members of the entire web development community.

Slides: http://rupl.github.com/high-performance-theming/

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Tuesday 13:00-14:00



Because you don't have to worry about sprites any more, or repeat-x vs repeat-y sprites; it all goes into 1 file.

Embedding images into data URIs is not always appropriate, but that's an interesting module. Recent test results suggest that inlining files over 4K is often a waste for devices with small caches: http://calendar.perfplanet.com/2011/why-inlining-everything-is-not-the-a...