What is DrupalCon?

Jul 11 2012

Those of us getting really excited that it is almost time for DrupalCon again sometimes need to explain to our friends, colleagues, or family members what all the fuss is about.

Explaining DrupalCon

Have you ever had trouble putting it into words? "Yeah, Mom, we sit in rooms together and write code! ... Yes, I do that all year ... Yes, I talk to these people online all the time ... But DrupalCon is incredible because it's so ... y'know, great! I met Dries! I committed a patch with Webchick!"


Improved Selection Process for DrupalCon Munich

Apr 20 2012

Dear Drupal Community

During the preparations of the content for the Munich DrupalCon the responsible track chairs found themselves discussing - at length - the selection process for proposed sessions. Within minutes the issue of voting came up and after hours we found ourselves still talking of the problems, advantages, risks, correctness etc... of voting. To make a long story short, it became clear that most regarded the voting process as a means for the community to let us know what they like, but, and here comes the problem, past experience show that the results of the voting do not provide a good indicator of session quality, relevance, interest in the topic, or attendance.


Grab it, Snap it!

Mar 16 2012

Grab it, Snap it! #DrupalConMunich Swag

The Munich team are attending DrupalCon Denver in full force. We bring with us Über Drupal Swag too, suitcases of awesome “DrupalCoasters”.

Here’s the plan - Time to get creative!

We challenge you to grab a DrupalCoaster and contribute the most imaginative, funny, creative, wacky or far flung photographs you can. Keep it legal and clean but beyond that anything goes!

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