Bringing your ideas to fruition in Drupal core

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Have you ever tried to submit a core improvement suggestion? Two common experiences I have seen is that your issue is ignored or dissected to pieces and beyond possibility to move forward. Did you feel sometimes like you are attempting to navigate in a shark tank? Or maybe more like this guy?

Being a Drupal core contributor for about nine years and a core committer (Drupal 6 maintainer) for five years, I have experience on all sides of the situation. We'll look at examples of issues gone wrong and cover issue queue psychology. You'll get tips and tricks on how to get your issues noticed and avoid them becoming shipwrecks. I hope to help individuals and companies alike who intend to invest in Drupal core to find your place and be a productive and happy member of the core development team.

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Tuesday 13:00-14:00


Definitely will go on this session! So important things going to be there.