Welcome! Get your Drupal(Con) on!

Drupal Kool-Aid

Drupal(Con) veterans Robert and jam want to help you drink your Drupal Kool-Aid and get the most out of your time at the Con. We’ll help veterans and n00bs alike find their bearings, get fired up and contributing.

Previous Con opening sessions have included music, bad jokes, and surprise guest appearances by some Drupal superstars, including Dries himself.

We’re hoping the Drupal Fairy will make an appearance this time around, but who knows?

Past editions:

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Tuesday 08:00-08:45
Ballsaal A/B


Are we here for fun? Oh yes, Fun is the only thing that counts.

Some good moods would do us goods.

Why is this even up for selection? I consider this a standing point on the DrupalCon schedule!

was this not recorded or not uploaded yet? It was awesome!