There must be Rules!

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Rules is a powerful module that can ease your life as site builder drastically. The module allows you to define conditionally executed actions based on occurring events (known as reactive or ECA rules), so that it's possible to automate your site without the need for custom code.

This session will introduce the module, show common use-cases, tips & tricks and cover best practices. But moreover we'll see how easy it is to extend the module with custom conditions and actions.

We'll start with a basic introduction and depict basic usage scenarios like creating custom URL redirects and notifications. We'll dive into the module by an example scenario which starts with more simple use cases and continues to more sophisticated use cases. We'll learn about more advanced features like components and scheduling, and see how the module is leveraged by Drupal commerce.

Also, we'll discover some neat combinations of Rules with other modules like Views Bulk Operations, Flag or Rules Link and the Message module.

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Tuesday 13:00-14:00
(Sheraton Hotel) Cuvillies



i liked the way how fago and ikos demonstrated the power of rules in their example. the presentation was a little bit too fast for me but the use case itself was very impressive.

Great video. I was curious if the video demos will be posted somewhere as well.

Thanks for posting!

Nevermind! Found it on his website

Nevermind! Found it on his website