Developers, Get Off the Couch and Contribute!

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“Our current percentage of active users who actually contribute to core is hovering around 0.1%. Target: a full 1% in 2014”

To help with that, we are building an internal program at Ci&T to foster and incentivize our Drupal developers to give back to the broader Drupal community. The program includes hackathons that we’ve infused with gamification tactics, as well as other fun, collaborative activities.

Based on the Drupal ethos of “collaboration, not competition,” the program’s intent is to bring more developers together and allow them the opportunity to work on different projects in addition to their every day activities.

The primary goal is to help them overcome any trepidation they may have to participating in this type of community and to provide support so they know that giving back is indeed easy and they can later contribute on their own. By facilitating immersion into the Drupal community, as well as improving developers’ coding skills, the program aims to be a fun, yet productive way to introduce and demystify the Drupal community to new (and old) developers.

I’ll discuss why Ci&T decided to develop this program, the actual steps we took to create it and benefits our developers have already seen. Attendees of this presentation will walk away understanding what resources are necessary to create this type of Drupal community program, and how they can implement similar programs at their own companies.

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Tuesday 10:45-11:45


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