Dealing with Buggy Modules or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Issue Queue

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Drupal is a tough system to start working with. Even if you read the large documentation at, you may sometimes feel that you are just guessing what it is doing in the background.

Some people say that you should study it file by file; some others tell you to read all the APIs available, but is in the issue queues where solid understanding of its guts can be achieved. When you are debugging an error, been at a contributed module or at core, you are following its flow, understanding the logic and thus getting the big picture.

Spending time working in the Issue Queues debugging code, improving user experience or just adding your two cents is a fun, challenging, and great learning experience.

In a modular system like Drupal, each part is in a different state of completeness. From a stable release of Views to the latest Dave Reid sandbox module, you will eventually have a problem with a module, and will need to get it fixed.

This session will cover the following topics:

  • Basic debugging steps
  • Issue queue search tips
  • Ways to get your patch reviewed
  • How to safely patch your site
  • Issue queue etiquette

People often forget that issue queues are a place for interacting with humans, not a dumping ground for complaints or pleas for help. Each maintainer has their own approach to their issue queue, but there are plenty of common steps you can take to not only help fix your site, but the sites of thousands of other users of the module.

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Tuesday 17:00-18:00


Thanks! I guess it is very good topic for a session! Juan is experienced contributor of well known modules, so this session will be useful for people who are starting to contribute to the community! Let's chose this session, it should facilitate better contributions!

I have to attend, just for the title...