Building amazing searches with Search API and Facet API

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In this session we will guide you step by step through setting up powerful search solutions on your site, by combining the two most successful and cutting edge modules for Drupal 7 in that area, Search API and Facet API. These two are your base for technology independent, flexible and feature-rich search solutions on Drupal 7 sites.

The session will first cover all the basic setup tasks – creating and configuring an index and a server, setting up a Solr server, etc. In the course of this, the basic structure and principles will also be discussed briefly.
We will then advance to brief tutorials on advanced index settings, setting up a search view and then launch on the topic of facets. Here, the principles of the Facet API will be explained, detailed setup instructions and tips are given and all relevant settings briefly explained.
Finally, we will conclude with a collection of valuable tips, common advanced use cases and useful extension modules you might want to use. Frequently encountered pitfalls will also be discussed.

The goal is that after the session you will be able to easily set up Search API and Facet API on your own site – and will also want to do so. ;) You will have a basic understanding of its inner workings (as far as relevant to site builders) and will be able to do some advanced setups and individual customizations with greater ease.

Please also see this issue where I ask for questions people think I should answer in the session.

(If you are a more advanced user or developer, you might also be interested in the Search API BoF on Wednesday.)

The modules:

The Search API, along with its numerous extension modules, is a relatively new search solution for Drupal 7. With its unparalleled flexibility and countless features it has attracted a steadily growing user base which now eclipses all other (non-core) search solutions for Drupal 7.

The Facet API module is a project started last summer by Chris Pliakas to unify the facet functionality of all Drupal search modules by implementing all common features while leaving as much flexibility for implementors as possible.

Together they form a new base for generic, flexible and feature-rich search solutions on Drupal 7 sites.

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Time slot: 
Tuesday 14:15-15:15
(Sheraton Hotel) Cuvillies


Search API is awesome!

I also want to hear this. *listed*

Cool session, going to!

It would be nice to see how to integrate Search API and other modules e.g. Voting API. Looks like it is kind of difficult to make sorting by votes.

I fear that will be beyond the scope of the session, especially since it's in the Sitebuilding track.
But an improved help section is planned. Also, see – if you create a "votes" property, it will be sortable.

search api is one of the best "search modules" i know of :)
thanks thomas for putting such a lot of work into this.

When you want to add professional searching capabillities to your Drupal website you will find yourself at a crossroad. Do i use the ApacheSolr module or do i use search API together with the apachesolr backend module.

What are the differences between the two options and why should we choose Search API over ApacheSolr. Some live demo's with setting up an index and viewing results with facets would be great for the new users.

Good luck with preparing for your session :)

I definitely plan to speak briefly about the differences between the two – and why you should use the Search API. ;)

Live demos are strongly discouraged, but basically the whole session is a tutorial, so this will of course be included with screenshots, etc.

Thank you for this session.