Top Eleven Reasons to go to DrupalCon Munich


Top Eleven Reasons to go to DrupalCon Munich

Jun 13 2012

DrupalCon Munich, "Open up! Connecting Systems and People."

You still haven’t gotten your ticket to one of the largest web-developer conferences in Europe this year? It's going to be so amazing, I've got eleven reasons you should want to be there!

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Eleven good reasons to be at DrupalCon Munich:

Fabien Potencier

11. Keynote by Fabien Potencier

Drupal 8 will benefit from the power, simplicity, and community of the Symfony2 PHP framework. Come hear Symfony’s founder and Project Lead talk about what the cooperation between Drupal and Symfony will mean for both communities and their user bases.

10. 78 presentations and panels

The core of a conference is its sessions. DrupalCon Munich will see no less than 78 sessions in 6 tracks – including 14 amazing featured talks by some of the best and the brightest from the Drupal project and beyond.

Whatever it is you need to know or catch up on in the Drupal world, one of these tracks has probably got you covered:

9. Core Conversations

The Core Conversations are the conference’s “7th track” and they are a little bit different than the rest of the conference. Core conversations are a forum for the people actively developing Drupal to discuss, plan, and hash out the project’s future. Want to make a difference? Whet your appetite on what's been submitted so far and submit your Core Conversation proposals by June 29th, 2012.

8. Drupal CxO

Join your peers in the global network of Drupal business owners and decision makers in this one-day event. Share and discuss best practices, tips for staying relevant in a fast moving market, how to collaborate and compete, and tools for generating value for your business. The €180 ticket for this event on Monday, August 20th includes lunch and access to the DrupalCon exhibit hall.

7. Exhibit Hall & Day Stage

Learn how Drupal can benefit you and your organization in today’s online world. €45 gets you access to the Exhibit Hall and Day Stage from Tuesday-Thursday to hear case studies, meet Drupal service providers, connect with peers, and learn how other organizations are leveraging Drupal for success. Exhibit Hall & Day Stage is included in DrupalCon conference tickets. Get yours today, it's worth it!

6. The Drupal community

The world’s largest open source CMS and application platform is changing the world. Drupal's greatest strength is its large, diverse, and active community. Beyond the formal sessions, you should not miss the chance to meet Drupalists from all over the world in person.

The personal interactions with others at an event like the DrupalCon are what makes Drupal a community, and so much more than simply a group of people writing code and building websites. BoFs (“Birds of a Feather” sessions), chance “hallway track” conversations, social gatherings and more let you interact, collaborate, and inspire or be inspired.

If you’re taking the chance to visit Munich with a non-Drupalist, the “Drupalgängers” group will be organizing sight-seeing events for folks accompanying DrupalCon attendees.

5. Professional Drupal training

Register now for one of eight, day-long, professional training sessions that will be taking place on Monday, August 20th. These will be led by some of the best trainers in the world and will range from Drupal basics and fundamentals to advanced courses on security, responsive web design, eCommerce, and more. Training courses cost €400 when purchased in conjunction with a DrupalCon ticket, or €500 for training only. This price is lower than many similar courses not offered in conjunction with the DrupalCon.

Anke Domscheit-Berg

4. Keynote by Anke Domscheit-Berg

Anke Domscheit-Berg is a German entrepreneur; an expert on open government; and women’s roles in the economy, business, and management. She is an influential thinker and doer in all of these areas, and has founded and worked with many influential organizations dedicated to “Government 2.0” and transparency, women in technology and more. She is a sought-after and inspiring keynote speaker. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear her speak!

3. It's in Munich!

Europe in the summer. Beer gardens, city parks, Alpine walks and vacation opportunities close by in all directions. Munich is also a center of high-tech growth and business. Your next client could be there, too! DrupalCon host cities usually see an upswing in Drupal business following the event. Meet your prospects here!

2. It'd be cheap at twice the price! What a value!

Register today for five full days of content for a mere €475 (until July 31). There are discounts available for students and non-profits! Compare this price to PHP Tek's $1000 early bird pricing, ConFoo's $700 early bird price, or $950 for the CakeFest conference and workshop. DrupalCon is one of the most affordable, best bang-for-the-buck tech conferences around.


1. Dries Buytaert’s keynote

Drupal’s founder and Project Lead (aka “the reason there is a DrupalCon in the first place”) will give us his view of the state of Drupal and where the project is going in his traditional “Driesnote”.

Register today

Register today! See you there! It’s a steal at €475!

And in 2013 ...

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