DrupalCon Training: Building Multilingual Websites in Drupal 7


DrupalCon Training: Building Multilingual Websites in Drupal 7

Jul 26 2012

In an increasingly global world, Drupal core's support for multilingual content has made it a favorite CMS among large organizations. Despite that, Drupal site-builders and developers are often stumped by the myriad of possible approaches and tricks involved in making it work. Over the last few months, Evolving Web has worked together with Acquia to put together a multilingual site building course, called Building Multilingual Websites with Drupal 7 will be presented at DrupalCon Munich on August 20. It will walk you through the process step by step and unfuddle much of the complexity.

In the last year, documentation of multilingual modules and core functionality have improved, with more documentation pages on Drupal.org and even a book on the subject by Kristin Pol. However, site builders, have so many complex decisions that setting up a multilingual site for the first time can be bewildering.

This full day of training on , and will cover a wide variety of topics including:

  • Setting up a Multilingual Drupal installation
  • Using different methods of content translation
  • Managing UI translation in Drupal
  • Assessing a module's multilingual capabilities
  • Multilingual building blocks: Views, Blocks, Menus, and Panels

This course is ideal for Drupal site builders, themers, and developers who want to start building multilingual websites.

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With Drupal you can make it easy for content editors to translate content, and provide users with a multilingual interface that serves them up a site in their chosen or detected language. balkan