DrupalCon Attendees: Update your d.o profile by August 10 for a rockin' DrupalCon badge!


DrupalCon Attendees: Update your d.o profile by August 10 for a rockin' DrupalCon badge!

Aug 02 2012

We’re looking forward to seeing you at DrupalCon in a few weeks!

Those who attended DrupalCon Denver may remember the great little badgelettes Lindsay Ogden and Aten Design created. They were personalized and a great conference keepsake! Well, we’re bringing the badgelettes to Munich with help from our design partners at Cocomore. To make sure they’re as amazing as possible, we need your help!

Please take a moment and fill out your drupal.org profile with the necessary information we need to create your badge: Your first and last name, company/organization name and claim to fame (speaker, sponsor, volunteer, and DA member).

We apologize for the formalities, but getting this information from you now helps ensure a smooth check-in experience when you arrive at the conference *and* a slick looking badgelette. If you don’t update your badge details ahead of time, you may need to wait in line at our registration help desk at the conference to collect this information before your badge can be printed. And no, badges printed onsite won't be as pretty as the others!

Don't miss out! Update your d.o badge information by Friday, August 10.

Update your d.o profile in 5 easy steps!

1. Login to drupal.org

Don't remember your d.o login credentials? Click "request new password". Can't remember your username OR email you used to sign up? Contact our awesome support team.

2. From your profile page, click "Edit"

Remember to be mindful of typos, as what goes into these fields will be printed to your badge AS IS.

3. Next, click "Personal Information"

Add/verify the information in the "First or given name" and "Last name or surname" fields. We encourage you to fill out your profile as completely as comfortable. Please note your LinkedIn and twitter urls will populate to your munich2012 profile page.

4. Now click "Work"

Update your company or organization in the 'Current company or organization' field. You may also leave this field blank. Please note the "Job title" field will populate to your munich2012 profile page.

5. All done!*

Thank you for updating your profile! Don't worry about the Sponsor, Volunteer, Speaker, and DA designations, we'll take care of identifying those.
See anyone you know with missing information? Help us out by reminding them follow these simple steps and fill out their profiles, too!

If you have any questions or need help, please contact our awesome support team.

See you in Munich!

The DrupalCon Munich Team

*Bonus Information

These aren't necessary for badge printing, but they're great to update if you've got time!

1. Add "I will be attending DrupalCon Munich 2012" to your d.o profile
Still in your d.o profile? Click "Drupal" and update your Drupal Contributions, commits, and events. Don't forget to click "I will be attending DrupalCon Munich 2012".

2. Update a profile pic for our Attendee page
Help populate our Attendee page by adding a photo! Upload a photo to your munich2012 profile by clicking My Account, then Edit, when signed in.


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