Responsive Design, Mobile Admin, Front-end Performance: Updates on the Mobile Initiative

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By 2015, there will be more mobile device users then desktop users. That’s squarely in the middle of Drupal 8’s life cycle. If we want Drupal to remain relevant as a web-based CMS, we must implement significant mobile-friendly features.

We already have Web Services (read: APIs needed for mobile apps) and HTML5 initiatives to work on those parts of the mobile experience. The Mobile Initiative already works closely with those initiatives, but additionally it is focused on the following issues:

  • Ensuring all our themes use a mobile-first, responsive design
  • Building a responsive layout engine with the SCOTCH initiative
  • Front-end performance improvements, including a responsive image solution
  • Mobile-accessible administrative interface

In this session, we'll discuss what's left to do and how you can help. We'll be having a code sprint to work on the Mobile Initiative issues on the final day of Drupalcon. (And possibly one beforehand, too!)

Core Conversations


Given the point in time of the release cycle and approaching feature freeze very shortly after DrupalCon Munich, this might be the last time most core contributors are going to sit together. Thus, it would be highly beneficial to presume/require a subtly higher skill level for this core conversation, in order to present and actually have a conversation on:

1) Short summary/overview over what has been done.

2) What critical blockers remain to exist?

3) If any, which solution proposals exist for the critical blockers, how do they differ, and which consequences do they imply? [the actual core convo part]

4) What are the main topics that contributors should focus on?

5) Which original goals won't make it into D8 and will be deferred to contrib / D9? And why?

6) What tasks/goals/features have to be resolved for D8 and cannot and will not be deferred? (e.g., release blockers)

7) Which novice efforts/tasks exist and need help?

Overall, we should primarily focus on the "conversation" part in core conversation, and make the usual "status update" presentation-style part less dominant.

Ideally, the session should give a sufficient overview/update for people who've not been involved, but at the same time, also have a clear focus on remaining blockers, critical topics, and decisions that the community needs to be aware of.