The New Entity and Property API


While the conversion to full CRUD entities and classed objects for Drupal 8 made good progress, we’ve not yet reached the goals of fully translatable entities and having a default entity serialization for import/export, content staging and web services.

Proposed Solution

The new entity property API will provide modules with an unified interface to entity properties, avoiding the split between fields and non-field properties. The plan is to improve the developer facing API so that it works consistently for all properties and provides an improved developer experience. Also, the API will allow for introspection, so that it’s possible to lookup the defined properties of an entity type in advance.


  • Status of the D8 entity API improvements
  • Entity serialization roadmap
  • Roadmap for the Entity property API
  • Details and code examples (if time allows)

Also, the following topics/plans are directly related and will probably be touched as well: Entity validation, Entity translation, Unifying entity and field storage, Querying (EFQ), Field API improvements, UUIDs for entities etc.

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