Improved file management in core

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Drupal core lacks any kind of actual file management. It is not possible to add files, edit files, nor delete files without using raw Drupal API functions or interacting only with attached files in fields on entities. Drupal is far behind its competitors not only in file management ability, but also media handling.


By improving the file API and management in Drupal core, we help improve the Drupal as a product and also help pave the way for improved Media management and functionality in core.

More specifically:

  • Allow fields to be added to file entities by grouping files into 'bundles' or types.
  • A UI for adding, viewing, editing, and deleting file entities individually (e.g. pages for file/%file, file/%file/edit, file/%file/delete, file/add, etc.).
  • A file access and metadata API that can be easily extended by other modules.

Proposed Solution

The File management initiative has been created as a part of the larger Media initiative effort. The plan is to cleanup and merge the File entity module into Drupal 8 core's File module.

I will present on the overview of the proposed changes and how it will affect site builders, our progress so far, what we have left to do or solve, and how to get involved.

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