Better javascript

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JavaScript is involved in many of the current D8 initiatives – anything with a UI – and while the mobile core conversation will cover the performance side of Drupal JS there is still a huge amount of things that can be improved for JS developers and contrib. I'd like to give an overview of what can be done and get into specifics during questions.

The conversation will start by setting some context around javascript in Drupal, moving on to a quick update on the current javascript clean-up illustrated by a few interesting facts about bug fixes, security and performance. After this introduction we'll get to what can – and what needs – to be addressed in D8:

  • pluggable JS and CSS processing: why and how,
  • minification: what's new since mfer core conversation in Denver,
  • JS modules: AMD, CommonJS, how can we make that work well in Drupal,
  • cleaning up: what is still left,
  • testing: what can we use and what is already available,
  • more features: what is relevant (and what is not) to get in core,
  • coding standards: aka back-end developer education,
  • documentation: how can you help get JS documentation on,
  • reaching out: which projects can we contribute to in order to make Drupal better.

Each topic will be presented over a minute or two, giving key informations in order to raise awareness about each problem space. In the second half, questions will hopefully narrow it down so we can get into geeky details about a few topics.

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