Pre Drupalcon meetup - Drupøl & Danes all over ;)

mortendk's picture

A gently warning
its now known that the wild hordes of danes will be meeting up for a social gathering monday night at :
Platzl 9

which probably will result in much fun n viking boasting about greatness up from the north

Why were doing this well monday night is not a minut to early to start the Drupalcon party!
(its right on the U4 train line from the venue)

see ya there

What time? I may come and show you Danes how to drink! :D

we have heard that theres beer enough in Munich for all of us - so around 9'ish i guess ;)
... or whener.

Looking forward to it!

Ja, ich bin dabei.

Drinking on a school night? Sounds like my kind of thing


Heres a map where we are plotting the spots to be in

Looks like a great opportunity to embarrass myself (and others) in public. See you guys there!

I will attend tooooooooooo


MortenDK = Lot's of beer and heavy metal. I'm so in.

is this party open for non-danes as well?

it sure is
we just wanted to make sure we had a place to meetup :)

So it's a drink off? I'm up for South America, someone please take me home later ;)

guess i'll join you guys too :). so, how do we find each other inside?

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