12 hours to go


12 hours to go

May 11 2012

At the time of me writing this, there is a little over 12 hours to go. 12 Hours for anybody who wants to, but has not yet, submitted a session proposal. 222 Sessions have been proposed up to now and all tracks appear evenly served. Tonight Friday, May 11th at 24:00h, Munich Time, we will remove the option to submit session proposals and the track chairs will begin their jobs to study all proposals in their respective tracks this weekend.

So hurry
If you want your session to be considered you may want to hurry up. Make sure your proposal fits the requirements published on this site. If you have any issues, questions, or need for assistance, do, by all means, get in touch with the respective track chair. They can and will help.

I am looking forward to your comments to this blog and many more proposals in the next 12 hours...

The Mechanism
Please recall from my earlier blog that we have changed the selection process. I thank all of you for the positive feedback. No more voting but you have a very efficient way to get yourself heard. Work along the track chairs and study the session proposals AND LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS if you feel strongly about a session! This will help the track chairs decide and will also help the presenter with his/her preparations for the session.



ps: Spread the word. Tell others that time is running out and they need to get things moving if they want their sessions submitted.


here's an updated visualization of the session data... we are definitely a last-minute culture: http://munich2012.drupal.org/stats/sessions

What does the right side number mean? There aren't 240 community session proposals are there?

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