Joomla! - Hippies, Pirates, Revolutionaries or a Distributed Community

As a co-founder of Joomla! and Open Source Matters (the non-profit arm) Brian travels the world "Spreading the Joomla Love".

Joomla began not in a European bedroom but as an abandoned product of an Australian company in 2001, progressing through a fork in 2005 to today where Joomla has grown to become the world's most widely distributed CMS.

So what makes the Joomla leadership and community structure unique? Since it's birth Joomla has never had a benevolent dictator or a corporate backer and it has no offices, employees, membership or voting process yet it all seems to work.

In a no holds barred presentation where nothing is taboo or too painful I will share the challenges we've faced, issues we are still working on and lessons learned with more than a few laughs along the way.

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Wednesday 15:45-16:45


Absolutely Fascinating!! Welcome, Brian!

I think it would be so cool to meet Brian and talk about the communities. This would be such a great session and topic, but also as an artefact and recording as well. I know there are plenty of people and agencies who use both Drupal and Joomla in their toolkit. So cool to hear about the differences and what goes on behind the scenes.

I expect this session will grant a better sense of perspective than any other listed. To have someone of Brian's stature presenting it is a real coup. I can't wait!

very import insight from the open source project with different internal structure and philosophy

Due to a bit of a site issue, we aren't able to post Brian's video to this page, but the video is available for viewing. Click to watch "Joomla! - Hippies, Pirates, Revolutionaries or a Distributed Community".