Drupal Run - Thursday at 7:00

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Sessions and Biergartens will be fantastic, but what about adding some fitness to the mix? On Thursday 23/8, at 7:00, we'll meet in front of the main entrance of the Westin Hotel for a 5k run. You can find the map here (left map) http://www.westingrandmunich.com/en/running-routes-munich. So, don't forget to bring your running shoes at Drupalcon!

I will come and join you!

i'm also in

I'm also in!

I'm in!

Is everyone at Amazee Labs a runner. I should work there! Everyone here thinks I am mad.

I'm in

Running shoes packed! Is this morning or evening? We should meet up for other morning runs to kick start each day!

Sounds great. Running shoes are packed!

I would prefer in the morning, to hot at 19:00 / 7:00PM in the evening. Planning to do some 10-20-30 internval training (http://www.ifi.ku.dk/english/research/section/integrated_physiology/10-2...) with a colleague one or two mornings too (probably Monday and Wednesday). It will we on the streets outside Hotel Rothof.

This is in the morning.

Heck yea! Can't wait :)

Anybody doing Parkour Sport? Training Spots around the Westin are nice!

Great idea, I'm in.

Looking forward :-)

I and a couple other of guys from adapt.dk will try to be there at 7am :o)

As a Drupal developer and runner I am very excited to join everyone on Thursday. However, I'll probably go running every morning. Anyone interested in meeting Tuesday morning out front at 7:00 too?

On another note...I cross posted Thursday morning run to the Drupal fit group @ http://groups.drupal.org/node/249118

I'm in, have a little u-bahn trip first though. But a Drupal run is worth the effort.

Today's Run was a success , so we're up for another Run, tomorrow Friday at 7am. Meeting at the Westin Hotel entrance.