DrupalCon Sessions

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Caching without fear

Click to watch "Caching without fear" Caching is a typical performance boosting strategy but as Phil Karlton said, “There are only two hard problems in Computer Science: cache invalidation,...

Steven Merrill, tekante
Intermediate Coding and Development

Introducing Symfony2

Click to watch "Introducing Symfony2" During his last keynote in Denver, Dries made it clear that Symfony2 is going to play an extremely important role in the making of the upcoming version(s) of...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Alfresco: Drupal’s Document Management Solution

Click to watch "Alfresco. Drupal’s Document Management Solution" Drupal is an outstanding web development framework that allows you to build pretty much any kind of website you can think of....

Intermediate Coding and Development

Debugging Techniques for Drupal

A general approach to debugging Drupal problems will be presented, followed by an overview of a variety of tools such as the Devel suite, krumo, xdebug, client side debugging such as Firebug and...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Backbone.js in the Frontend

Click to watch "Backbone.js in the Frontend" This session introduces the most popular JavaScript MVC framework, Backbone.js, from a practical point of view. Backbone.js is a minimalist...

corbacho, ethanw
Advanced Coding and Development

Think like a hacker: Secure Drupal Code

Click to watch "Think like a hacker. Secure Drupal Code" Drupal is a powerful tool, but for many reasons sites are released with security vulnerabilties. In this technical session Drupal Security...

coltrane, greggles
Intermediate Coding and Development

Accessibility of Custom User Interface Components using WAI-ARIA

Click to watch "Accessibility of Custom User Interface Components using WAI-ARIA" Web markup languages provide toolboxes of user interface components to be used to enable the development of web...

Everett Zufelt
Advanced Coding and Development

PHP Core, get rid of bugs and contribute!

Click to watch "PHP Core, get rid of bugs and contribute!" Drupal is inextricably linked to PHP. But how many Drupal developers actually know what's going on under the hood? Knowing how PHP...

Pierre Joye
Intermediate Coding and Development

Decoupling Content Management

Click to watch "Decoupling Content Management" The current breed of Content Management Systems is largely monolithic: if you're choosing a system based on its user experience, this will mandate...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Introduction to MongoDB

Click to watch "Introduction to MongoDB" This talk introduces MongoDB and provides an introduction of how to get the most out of MongoDB. One of the challenges that comes with moving to...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Designing HTTP Interfaces and RESTful Web Services

Click to watch "Designing HTTP Interfaces and RESTful Web Services" A lot of Web Services today claim to be RESTful APIs. But are they really? Do the URLs accurately identify resources? Are the...

Beginner Coding and Development

Functional PHP

Click to watch "Functional PHP" Functional programming. Some see that term and think "functions? You mean procedural programming. I've been doing that for years." Others see it and think "you...

Intermediate Coding and Development

Building real-time systems on top of Drupal with Node.js

Click to watch "Building real-time systems on top of Drupal with Node.js" The creator of the Drupal package for Node.js goes over how to leverage the strengths of Node.js to compensate for some...

Advanced Coding and Development