Use datacenter tools to make your dev life easier

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Maintaining a big IT infrastructure can only be done efficiently with automation tools. For our DrupalCONCEPT hosting, we run a steadily growing number of servers (currently more than 120). And thanks to Chef and other datacenter tools, we do it with only 2 full-time sysadmins.

But even if you only have to set up a few development VMs now and again, you can use those tools to make your work much more efficient. And there isn't even a big upfront effort to get them running!

In this talk, I'll explain how you can deploy a consistent Drupal development and testing environment with minimal effort by adding IT automation applications like Chef to your toolbox.

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Thursday 10:45-11:45


I could not find this cookbook, to work though the example. Where can I find it.
Could you alos please upload the latest presentation with the example command lines.
Thanks, nice presentation.