Think like a hacker: Secure Drupal Code

Click to watch "Think like a hacker. Secure Drupal Code"

Drupal is a powerful tool, but for many reasons sites are released with security vulnerabilties. In this technical session Drupal Security Team members Greg Knaddison and Ben Jeavons will break down popular security risks on the web and cover writing secure Drupal code.
We'll cover:

  • Security risks you should be worried about
  • Thinking like a hacker
  • XSS, CSRF and access bypass
  • Automation tools: static code, pen-testing, reporting

Ben and Greg are very involved with Drupal Security. They've been working on different tools and educational material related to Drupal for the last few years producing:

Coding and Development
Experience level: 
Time slot: 
Tuesday 13:00-14:00


I'm sure this will be selected, given who is proposing this session, but this *does* look particularly important. I wish the site allowed us to flag sessions now to later have whichever sessions are selected be included (by default) in our probable Drupalcon schedule. This is one I'll be (almost) sure to attend. (The only reason I say *almost* is that I *do* plan to volunteer during some time periods and to attend other sessions of particular interest, so hopefully I won't find many time conflicts once sessions are assigned times). Anyway, I'm looking forward to this. :-)

The link I posted has good video but the sound is overlapped by sound from another session :(