The State of Drupal Community Education

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There are so many community projects around education that it is overwhelming to figure out what is going on, much less actually help out. There are all kinds of projects from using Drupal as an education platform, to certification programs, to classes for teaching people about Drupal itself. This session will look at the big picture of education initiatives in the Drupal community, break them down into some manageable categories, evaluate where we are, figure out where things overlap, and make some proposals for where we can go in the future.

If you are interested in Drupal education/training but don’t know what’s what, this session will survey the ongoing projects and sort them out. If you are already working on community education, this will serve as a starting point for us to discuss what other work is being done in the community and how we might collaborate better. Related to this session, we also plan to have a BoF at the conference to continue the conversation about collaboration.

Note that this will not cover commercial projects or resources around Drupal education. This is focused on the community efforts that are out there (things like Drupal for Education, Drupal Dojo, Learn Drupal, skill maps, etc.).

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Thursday 14:15-15:15
(Sheraton Hotel) Cuvillies


It would be great to see Addison bring all these efforts into focus and see how they relate to each other. She may be able to show us where there is overlap and how we can rationalize some of this work. Addison is a great leader and collaborator as shown in the past with her work on the Docs team. This would be a valuable session and spark hopefully lots of dialogue afterwards.