Selling to the Enterprise

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Large companies have large sales proceses, and selling to these organizations is not a trivial matter. This session introduces you to all of the components in an enterprise sales team, and the processes that are used to do big business. We will discuss how to create a sales funnel from lead generation, qualification of these leads, tools such as discovery letters, and show all of the steps that are taken from initial contact to closing a deal.

You will hear personal introductions from sales personnel in various roles, including Inside Sales, Outside Sales, and Presales.

No, we can't get rid of RFP's, so let's talk about how to do them well, protect yourself from wasting effort on opportunities that can't be won, and knocking out the competition when you do decide to bid.

Business and Strategy
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Wednesday 13:00-14:00
Ballsaal A/B


I'm involved in sales and I'm really interested to see this session. Obviously the bigger projects grow the more complex it becomes. I'm interested in the aspect of centering around business value and how you approach clients. :))