Redefining : The Mind Shift at Microsoft on OSS and Community

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This session is a case study of open source's disruptive nature and how it changed business models of large technology companies like Microsoft.

As a large company it can be easy to become insular. Come and learn about the journey Microsoft has been on with Open Source in general, how that's changed our practices and even really our DNA. Because of Open Source, we're in an ongoing culture shift as so many companies, small and large are. We'll explain how and why Open Source changed our approach, share our lessons over the years and show how Microsoft has Opened Up as a response to Open Source. We'll also talk specifically about the power we see Drupal having in the marketplace, which led us to Open Up to Drupal as well.

In this session you will learn:

  • What led Microsoft to become more open
  • Why did Microsoft choose to open up specifically to Drupal?
  • How Microsoft has become more open
  • Lessons learned before and during the time Microsoft opened up
  • What has changed at Microsoft because of open source momentum
  • How we connect the dots between you and customers on our platform (what does it mean for Drupal and Drupal businesses having Microsoft and other large companies open up)
Business and Strategy
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Wednesday 14:15-15:15


...does anyone else wonder if Grace is going to give away a Surface tablet during her session? ;)

It's great to see Microsoft's participation in Drupal and I'm looking forward to it!!

Thanks Ben. If I could do a Surface giveaway I would. I want one of those too!

Did Microsoft release anything under a open license?

Many projects actually - here's a listing of some of them:

And we've also sponsored open source work with communities like Drupal. Come by for the talk if you are here.