The project application review process

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Before users are allowed to publish their Drupal modules or themes as full projects on they have to go through a one time approval process. We do that as quality assurance, to detect security problems, licensing issues and wrong usage of Drupal’s APIs early. Klaus Purer and Patrick Drotleff are active review administrators on and will present the current workflow and how new contributors get involved with their projects on In particular, we will discuss:

  • The way your module becomes a sandbox and then a full project
  • The issue queue that is used to coordinate applications
  • Current status of the application review process and how applicants feel about it
  • how to retain Drupal talent and ensure security and overall code quality at the same time
  • Experiments like Review Bonus and how they work out
  • Review process automation: and
  • Feedback from applicants and some statistics
  • the everyday life of a Git administrator
  • Mentoring aspects for new contributors
  • review process governance: decision making and discussion on
  • The path forward: what's next for the project application issue queue?
  • How can we attract more reviewers?
  • What should not be automated in the future?
  • How can we shorten the time frame until a project gets approved?
  • How you can help!

We will leave enough time for discussion after our talk and we look forward to pick up your input to improve the whole process in the future.

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Wednesday 13:00-14:00


This is a super important topic and klausi and patrickd are very knowledgeable about it. I really look forward to watching this session and hope it will help make more folks aware of the nuances involved in this process.

Thanks for proposing it, klausi & patrickd!

For new Drupal contributors, the project review process is often their first introduction to the greater Drupal community ... yet I've found that awareness surrounding this process is lacking for both new contributors and long-time community members alike. This session would go a long way towards improving that awareness within the Drupal community, helping future module contributors understand the on-boarding process, and perhaps on-boarding a few new reviewers as well! +1

great to see! maybe you would like to mention the Novice issue tag for new contributors