Plan and run a Drupal Camp while having fun, empowering others, sharing knowledge, and getting enough sleep*

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*YMMV may vary on the sleep part.

Drupal Community events are one of the keys to our community’s growth, solidarity and success. The interpersonal relationships that begin online are deepened and strengthened by meeting in person over a tricky coding problem, impassioned debate, or a drink and a meal.

PR, outreach, sponsorship, resources, and organization are pain points for many who want to run their own events for the first time. Between them, community organizers Amelia Berkeley (NodeOne), Ivo Radulovski (ProPeople), jam (Acquia) and the “Drupal Camp Kit” project team (see below) have a vast amount of experience in running and supporting such events.

Leading, supporting, and planning Drupal community events is time consuming and worth getting right. Getting it wrong can end in chaos and wasted time. In addition to our own experience, we have collected feedback from dozens of Drupal events and organizers around the world.

Join us for discussion, tips and tricks, and practical help on all of the things to consider when planning community events. Let's use our collective experience to get smarter and run great events that deliver what our various stakeholders want while avoiding burnout for the organizing teams.

Geek tip: This session will also be the release party for the Beta version of our project, “The Great Drupal Camp Kit: plan, promote, and execute your very own Drupal Event.”

This session and the kit project are the result of input, collaboration, and the contributions of (among others) Janne Kalliola (Exove), Doug Vann (Synaptic Blue Inc.), Zach Chandler (Stanford Web Services), Lindsay Ogden (5 Rings Web), Anna Lang (ProPeople, Emma Mäkinen (Mearra), Campbell Vertesi, Jojo Toth (Mogdesign), Paul Johnson, and dozens of Drupal community event teams and volunteers who are committed to open source and to the Drupal Project.

See you at the session!

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Wednesday 10:45-11:45
(Sheraton Hotel) Cuvillies


A great starting point for more drupal events. I love to organize :)

Good idea.

This is likely the best session on making a great DrupalCamp. Jam, Ivo and Amelia have been involved in countless camps and I've worked with them, or had the pleasure to have them speak. I expect a super-practical "camp kit" and 1-2-3 guides. Making a camp is hard work, but is isn't hard! I know. I've been part of providing the content they're providing, based on the previous four camps here in Stockholm.

Also - there's some tips on training at camps. People might be interested to see that.

There's so much good information out there. The initial task of boiling it down has turned out to be huge. Would you like to join the ongoing effort, post-DrupaCOn, and lend a hand? Your help coule be valuable! - jam.