PHP Core, get rid of bugs and contribute!

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Drupal is inextricably linked to PHP. But how many Drupal developers actually know what's going on under the hood? Knowing how PHP itself works can help produce better PHP code faster and with fewer bugs.

This session will include an introduction of PHP internals and how the PHP engine works. Given that, we will talk about how to debug PHP itself, starting from a Drupal application. Basic setup and bug hunting best practices will be covered. Finally, we'll talk about how to get involved in PHP itself to help improve the language upon which we all depend.

Pierre Joye is a PHP Core Developer and OSS contributor since more than a decade. He leads the PHP Windows support, main developer from LibGD and works on many OSS projects. After many years as Freelancer, Pierre works now with the Microsoft OpenSource technology Center in Redmond and in Germany.

Coding and Development
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Wednesday 13:00-14:00


Oooh, excellent topic. I'm looking forward to it, Pierre. : )