Painting The Bikeshed: Lessons From A Drupal 8 Initiative Owner

In March of 2011 I was named as the first initiative owner for Drupal 8. I was excited and proud and itching to get going, but I felt one emotion more than any other - paralyzing fear. The Drupal community is filled with talented engineers, but moving from coder to project manager and community leader can be incredibly difficult. This session will outline some of the lessons I've learned about our community and the ways to (or more often not to) get it moving towards a goal.

[Unfortunately the recording of this session had technical difficulties and has been removed.]

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Tuesday 14:15-15:15


This would be good for anyone who isn't likely to join in core conversations, but they could get a sense of what is happening "at the core". Maybe it would be a good call to action?

The audio of this presentation is Crell's functional programming talk.