New Developments In MySQL

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Recently, focus in the Drupal Community has been on replacements and/or additions to MySQL, such as Redis, MongoDB and Cassandra. While focus has been on these new DB systems for good reason, MySQL has not stood still. In this session, we will cover the new developments in MySQL. In particular, we will compare the new features and fixes in MariaDB, PerconaDB, Percona Cluster, Drizzle, NDB/MySQL Cluster and MySQL 5.5+. We will also cover the many toolkits that have been released and recently gotten quite stable, including OAK, Percona Toolkit and Percona Monitoring Suite.

This session will be focused on some pain points for developers using MySQL and system administrators managing MySQL. Pain points such as:

* Performance and vertical scalability
* Replication stability
* Clustering (NDB/Galera)
* Monitoring
* Online Schema Changes
* Various SQL/Schema Level Features That Are Finally Being Introduced (Such as BLOB/TEXT-enabled HEAP tables)

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Wednesday 10:45-11:45


Must be quite interesting session. Will you cover geospatial functionality of MySQL?

Possible....the problem will be time. There is a massive amount to cover.

I will definitely attend this session. It would be nice if you would present a failover (2 datacentres, 1 active, 1 passive) approach

there are alot new techniques and more beneficial comparisons of mysql5.5 with old versions. It was really populated with informative stuff.

Thanks for sessions,