Multi-headed Drupal

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One of the strengths of Drupal is that it's not just a tool for building a single website. It can be used equally well for managing multiple companion sites together. This capability has existed for many years, but is not always well understood. And in true Drupal fashion, modern Drupal has several different options available for users looking to run a series of Drupal sites together, each with its own trade-offs.

This session will explore several leading ways to handle a multi-headed Drupal installation, including Domain Access, Organic Groups, and Multi-site. It will also ask the question of whether a multi-headed Drupal is necessary in the first place; often it is not. Attendees should come away better-armed to evaluate how, and if, to roll out Drupal for a multi-part site.

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Thursday 10:45-11:45
Ballsaal A/B