Introduction to MongoDB

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This talk introduces MongoDB and provides an introduction of how to get the
most out of MongoDB.

One of the challenges that comes with moving to MongoDB is figuring how to best
model your data. While most developers have internalized the rules of thumb for
designing schemas for RDBMSs, these rules don't always apply to MongoDB. The
simple fact that documents can represent rich, schema-free data structures
means that we have a lot of viable alternatives to the standard, normalized,
relational model.

Not only that, MongoDB has several unique features, such as
atomic updates and indexed array keys, that greatly influence the kinds of
schemas that make sense.

In this session, I'll answer these questions and more, provide a number of data
modeling rules of thumb, and discuss the tradeoffs of various data modeling
strategies. I will also provide information on MongoDB's strong points, such as
scalability and performance.

Coding and Development
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Thursday 13:00-14:00


Can you make sure to focus your talk on not just MongoDB in the abstract, but also how to leverage it effectively within Drupal? Drupal has a long relational history in its data model, so throwing MongoDB behind it, while possible, does pose some particularly interesting problems people should be aware of.

This is an especially interesting topic, but I share Crell's concern that the session should be especially applicable to the benefits (and limitations) of using MongoDB/NoSQL for modern Drupal projects.

I can see you've only been a member on for a bit less than two months, but from a quick review of your blog, it appears you do have strong credentials as an expert in PHP and MongoDB, and have given presentations at other conferences, so I suspect you are well qualified to deliver some useful information, although I suspect it might be challenging for you to become an expert on the use of MongoDB for Drupal-based projects if you really haven't been coding for Drupal for very long.