Introducing Symfony2

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During his last keynote in Denver, Dries made it clear that Symfony2 is going to play an extremely important role in the making of the upcoming version(s) of Drupal: this session will be an occasion to uncover some of the concepts and libraries that are being introduced in the making of our beloved CMS.

Some Object Oriented Design fundamentals will be covered such as orthogonal code, inversion of control and pervasive testing along with some of most important features of the framework and it will show how clean and tested applications can be developed using the rich set of components it comes with.

Some of the topics that will be covered:

  • What's Symfony2
  • Bad practices that should be left behind
  • Principles of Class Design or How To Make Proper Use Of That Object Oriented Thingy
  • The most important Symfony2 components
  • The framework and the standard distribution
  • The most important third-party libraries
Coding and Development
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Wednesday 15:45-16:45


A must-listen session for every Drupal developer? Think so.

Think so! Every Drupaler must know :)

new template layer for drupal 8 make it faster and drupal templating will change from tpl file structure:
It sounds like smarty now.

They both might be template engines but twig is abut 100 times more cleaner, elegant, efficient and extensible.