Evaluating Base Themes

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One of these themes is not like the other: Mothership, Zen, Omega, Bartik, Fusion. Since writing my first book, Front End Drupal, Drupal base themes have matured significantly. Some of these base themes have evolved to the point of having the learning curve of a theming engine rather than a set of preset markup defaults. In this session we'll explore the base theme ecosystem. You'll get a biased view of how I evaluate base themes and which themes come out on top for the "themer experience". You'll find out why there can be no single base theme to meet the needs of every themer and why the base theme you're using might not be right for you.

Bring your questions (and your flame thrower) as we romp through the valley of Drupal base themes.

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Tuesday 10:45-11:45
Ballsaal A/B


oooh this can be fun & informative (and hopefully not ending up in a measuring contest)

I will bring Rom, pirate hats & Shanghaiing people towards the proud ship ;)
(and presents to bribe emma)

seriously though this could clean up a lot of confusion for those that havent been in the tpl world for years. and the difference attitude towards the themelayer must be very confusing for any newcomers.

+1 from the captain

And of course any presentation done by emmajane is sure to be drenched in plentiful layers of awesomesauce. I can't imagine this session not being selected, so I can only say I'm looking forward to it. :-)

To identify the best base theme once and for all. No pressure.

it was a great presentation, i wonder where i can find the slides. i am explicitly interested in the answers base theme maintainers sent you back.

During the presentation it said that they were on the site, but can't find them either. Would like to review them again too :-)

Nice presentation, just like last year!

hey folks -- the slides were uploaded last night but the fields haven't been published. I've asked that they be published ASAP.

Audio in this one does not work for me, can it be fixed please?

I just tested the audio, it's working fine for me.

Works for me now also.