Drupal Community in China & Pakistan

Although there's a session in Drupalcon Denver mentioned China, we still haven't got enough informations about the communities outside America and Europe.

This time, we will have deeper insights into the communities in China and Pakistan and analyze important factors that limited the popularity of Drupal in these countries from different perspectives.

Speaker 1: Liang - Drupal advocacy from China, active community member

I helped almost all the Drupal events in Beijing since 2010 and keep trying to give a session which enable more people to know deeper about Drupal community in China.

In this session, I will share my recent years experiences in China about the community, developers, market and Internet environment.

Drupal is growing fast in China, while facing with all kinds of problems. By analyzing these problems and finding out solutions, we can help promoting Drupal greatly not only in China but also in many other countries which share similar problems.

Speaker 2: Kubair - Pakistani Drupal entrepreneur

Pakistan is in one of the fastest adopters of Drupal in the developing world, yet little is known about the uptake of Drupal and the Drupal community in Pakistan.

As a British tech investor in Pakistan, I have dragged the local Drupal community kicking and screaming to be more active and tuned into the wider global Drupal community.

My colleagues and I got the first Pakistani Drupal meet up off the ground in April 2012 and are in the process of finalizing the first ever Drupal camp for 2012.

The Pakistani Drupal community considers itself marginalized and is somewhat resigned to its silent status! I would like to bring this growing and vibrant community to the attention of the wider Drupal community and hope this session will help to bring the Pakistani Drupal community out of its shell.

I shall share my experiences of setting up a Drupal software house in Pakistan, the challenges of linking with the community locally, introduce some of my colleagues to answer questions from the audience, present the market potential and explore the challenges faced by the Drupal community in Pakistan and the growing strength of Drupal in Pakistan despite the challenges.

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Thursday 13:00-14:00


I would love to hear more about the Drupal community in China. Is it growing? How big is it? What kinds of websites are using Drupal in China? How many local groups are there? And what kinds of connections are there with other Chinese speaking communities in other parts of the world?

I think this is a great topic, and would be very interested to see it on the program.

I just add these information in the slides draft.

Bon courage!

Dear Kubair,

I am thankful to you for your extra effort to promote Drupal in Pakistan.

I hope that you will be successful to organize a DrupalCon in Pakistan in 2013.

Muhammad Iqbal

It's exciting to know that China's Drupal communities and Drupal adoption will be introduced globally. I'm sure Drupal is going to have a bright future in China.

I came here to Munich to attend my first DrupalCon after first getting introduced to Drupal a little over 4 months ago. :) I will attend this session! I live in Beijing now. Would love to getting involved more in Beijing community and China.
Also Pakistan is very close place for me as my Himalayan salt lamp business brought from Pakistan.
Best of luck for the presentations! See you soon!

Why is there no video for this session?

hi Blandon12 there is a video albeit a silent one on my blog... guidetosoftwaresourcing . com

I have an interest in finding out more about what is happening with Drupal in China.

My partner is Chinese born and she is beginning to help me identify sources and articles on this topic. We are not even yet sure why we are doing this. :)

So we are very happy to find this presentation.

Have a good day. John.