Caching without fear

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Caching is a typical performance boosting strategy but as Phil Karlton said, “There are only two hard problems in Computer Science: cache invalidation, naming things and off-by-one errors.” Managing the many layers of caching that can exist in a Drupal system can be a frustrating and time consuming experience. Learn what you need to know about caching and Drupal including:

  • Behavioral differences between various internal cache storage systems
  • Tips and techniques you can use when interacting with Drupal’s internal caches
  • Modules and techniques for controlling external caches like Varnish.
  • Drupal 8 cache tags and how you can use it now
  • Cutting through the caching onion - how to manage levels of caching (local object cache, local reverse proxy cache, CDN) with a minimum of tears
  • Beyond memcached: a look at what other object caching daemons like Membase and Redis offer and how much Drupal takes advantage of them now
Coding and Development
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Tuesday 10:45-11:45


Interesting session for me.

I am always confused how caching system work in drupal. this session helped me to know some good stuff.

Trying to watch the video of this session, it seems like it's got two audio tracks, the intended one is quiet in the background, whilst the one I can hear clearly seems to be from the Evaluating Base Themes session

Yeah, true that. somebody please fix the video please :)

It was really a good session. This is always bit tricky to understand cache behavior in drupal but this session was quite helpful to understand drupal cache concept very well.

Thanks to Steven Merrill and tekante.

As said by graemehunter, the audio in the video is mixed. I hope it can be solved because I'm really interested in this one.

curious what the speaker said since the audio is muxed with another presentation

sounds like a good presentation but sound is completely broken :(

looking forward to watching this when the audio is fixed. Thanks.