Building for the editor experience

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The editor experience is somehow a blind spot in a lot of projects.
For most websites a lot of efforts go into building a good user experience for site visitors and we also put a lot of work in functionality, but very often we are missing out on usability for editors.
There are a lot of sites that are used extensively by editors and for them the “frontend” is the “backend”. The out of the box functionality just isn’t enough, to make them love to work with Drupal for content management.
In this session I want to show, what modules and techniques you can use right now to build a way better editor friendly interface.
This is a modified version of the session I held during FrontendUnited Conference ( and DevDaysBarcelona.
The focus for this session will be more on sitebuilding, strategy for information architecture, building editor friendly forms and an overall interface that focuses on an editor's needs.


  • Common pain points in content management
  • Modules you can use to build an editor friendly backend
  • Strategies for the “intuitive” interface
  • Customizing the content admin interface with the editors in mind
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Wednesday 15:45-16:45


I had the pleasure of attending the session at Frontend United and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I and people around me spent most of the session taking notes like mad, writing down suggestions, key points and large list of modules that now go into my standard setup. I'm sure I still missed some, so I might actually attend it again.

Great session for both sitebuilders, designers interested in the editor part and project managers.

Goes along nicely with the momentum being done to improve Drupal's UX for editors...

it is really hard to cover all aspects in one session. I will try to make as much room as possible for questions and discussions. Also there is much common ground with the current initiatives like spark and the usability group that are trying to tackle a lot of this for the future.
I will be happy if there will be a bunch of people wanting to sit together afterwards for a BOF and discuss this and the own experiences further.

i really liked your session, andreas! thx also for scheduling the bof, which unfortuntely interferes with @add1sun 's community education session. good luck to your bof!