Bonuses for your mobile Drupal website

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Do you often think about making your mobile Drupal website friendly for smartphones? Or has you already started to build a Drupal mobile application using MAG (Mobile App Generator) module and PhoneGap?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should be on this session! You will learn the best practices for making your mobile Drupal website look like a native iOS or Android app. You will know how to make:

  • iPhone-like scroll.
  • Touch carousels and slideshow.
  • Transition effects between pages.
  • Nice popups and panels.

Also we are going to show you our favorite ready to use mobile themes and modules and introduce you to the PhoneGap project and MAG module.

Fabian's and Jeff's session about MAG and PhoneGap:

If you want to be on this session, please, leave your comment!

Experience level: 
Time slot: 
Thursday 13:00-14:00
(Sheraton Hotel) Cuvillies


I didn't make Denver, but I watched this session and really enjoyed it.

Never heard of PhoneGap before, and enjoyed also learning about the module.

This presentation/module helps people take their Drupal skills and wrap them in native mobile apps that can be pushed up to their respective mobile app stores. Search your app store for "phonegap."

MAG+Phonegap+Services = mobile app that's an extension of your Drupal site.

The Mobile first approach makes total sense. Nowadays, having a set of tips to build mobile friendly websites is a must.

+1 on this proposal.

By the way, could you add a link to the Denver session? It could give extra info about the topics that will be covered in this one.

Thanks, it is good advice! Updated.

Do you already have a slides or some session draft? I can't wait to get it and try build some with these technology stack for Android!

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