To Beer Or Not To Beer? Making meetups work.

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“Come for the software, stay for the Community”. The Drupal Community as a whole is compiled of many smaller, local communities. If the smaller communities did not exist, where would the Drupal Community really live? This panel will discuss how different meetups in different regions around the globe work (or don’t work) and how to make them better. This will be an open discussion, moderated and lead by the panel, about what we are doing at our different meetups that we believe are bringing repeat attendees.

We hope that after this discussion we will all walk away with some new ideas on how to help grow our local meetups and in-turn our local communities, with better, more exciting meetup content; bring back attendees every time; and encourage new attendees.

Further resources

During the preparation of this session we conducted a survey polling informations from meetups around the globe. Resources for Drupal Meetup Organizers summarises the findings and advice from this survey.

A Social Media Advisory has been written to accompany COD (Conference Organizing Distribution of Drupal). This contains many helpful tips and advice on how to market Drupal events. This will be regularly updated as part of an initiative to help Drupal event organisers succeed.

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Wednesday 17:00-18:00
(Sheraton Hotel) Cuvillies


Great idea!

We want to change our own local meet up - and "get out of the pub". It would be nice if this also turned into an artefact, maybe a write up of findings, or a guide for local meet-up organizers.

...could be a model. They are well run, well attended, and just dang fun. Having Karyn on this panel brings that insight. Add Addy and Brock...well, what can I say? This should be a terrific panel and I'll, without a doubt, attend it.

This could be fun. We need some Ideas for our Drupal Meetup in Stuttgart.

Nice session! Going to be there ;)

You can help us make this session awesome! Simply visit the following url and complete the short survey telling us about your Drupal Meetup. You can be an attendee or organiser.

Looking forward to this.